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Why you should use Handmade

Commercial soaps sold in stores are usually made with chemical detergents that you can't even pronounce the words on the label.  Hardeners that are used can leave your skin dry and irritating on your skin.

We want our soap to lather, clean and moisturize your skin and most of all SMELL good !  Handmade soaps preserve the integrity of all the oils/fats/butters so that you get all the vitamins, minerals, and skin loving quality in bar created.  

I hope your enjoy using our body care products and we know your skin will feel amazingly wonderful. 

Making Something New

My First Melt and Pour Soap I Made

Cold Process Soap

My First Batch Handmade from my Kitchen !

First Failed Batch

Layered Soap but Try Again !

Making Lovely Hand Lotions

Handmade Body Lotion was Exciting

Tell us how you like these !

Soaps for Shelters