About Me

I am a country girl from the northeast who loves God, nature and plants.  I enjoy gardening and making new scents from my herb and flower gardens.

 We are looking forward to meeting new faces as we start a new journey.

We are lovers of herbs and natural organic plant botanicals. We do grow some of our own herbs and plants, while others are sourced thru local or fair trade minded communities that share our same passion.
We believe small businesses grow by helping each other and word of mouth is the greatest advertisement 😊.
I am the skincare maker and a beekeeper that loves to create with both . We mostly encourage organic based products, we do offer a range of different body care scents made with essential oils and some fragrances.
Handmade is what we do on our homestead...from Soaps🛁, Scrubs, lotions, to Raw honey 🐝, fresh farm eggs, Sunflowers 🌻 , Jams, produce and herbs. We want you to feel good inside and outside .
All things made New is what we want to inspire in every product we create . We make our products in small batches to give you the freshness and quality in mind.
We support our local businesses and handmade crafters / vendors that help small businesses grow by attending churches, fire halls, senior centers, Farmer markets.
We also support our local shelters in need in our surrounding communities with personal body care products donated by our customers through out the year to help our homeless, veterans, addicted women/ children agencies . We believe it’s better to Give than Receive a Blessing.
We do look for those talented people that make handmade quality organic beauty products too add to our shop, to help support our community. You can contact us by email
scentsbye.me@gmail.com for an appointment
We hope you will stop by our homestead in Harrington, Delaware whenever you are passing by or you can always shop online .