Just how hard is it to make your own soap?

Just how hard is it to make your own soap ? I often thought about making my homemade soap, but then gave up because it seemed to hard and complicated.  After much research and learning what it takes to make soap didn't seem as terrible as I thought.
I have learned there are different types of methods to making soap, and I think it really comes down to your own preference whether it is made from scratch or getting a melt and pour base and just add your ingredients, either one will make you a beautiful bar of soap.
I started out using the Melt and Pour base to make my soaps, it was so easy and a lot of FUN ! Of course I had no idea what to do with it once in came in the mail. I looked at it and thought ok now what do I do with this....excited to make it, but needed some directions to get started.  So I searched and searched the internet and read a lot of blogs and watched You Tube to help guide me along.
So now I am going to share my thoughts and links that helped me make my first bar of Soap!  I wanted to make a oatmeal cinnamon soap with a melt and pour base, which your base soap can be your choice to pick from.  There are a lot to pick like goats milk, clear, shea butter, coconut, olive, oatmeal and so on.
I used a  2 lb. Oatmeal base for this .
Get your base soap,  I prefer a organic or non gmo soap base to be as All Natural as I can get it in my soap. I got mine from Cultures for health Oatmeal glycerin soap like this . 
Now let's pick out a scent or fragrance, I like to use Organic Essential oil, so I used cinnamon leaf  it has a spicy and sweet aroma all in one, crushed oatmeal, handmade soap mold, ground cinnamon and a spritz bottle of alcohol to spray for air bubbles when done pouring into the mold.
I was ready to start and I could feel the excitement as I took the oatmeal base and cut into to cubes to melt it in the large glass measuring cup.  
I used the microwave at 30 seconds spirts till all melted.
while that was cooling just for a bit, I added my ground cinnamon and 20 drops of essential oil to the soap mix and stirred slowly but making sure all the ingredients were well blended.       
I really like the rustic look so I didn't break up the cinnamon to much. The best part was now to get into the mold without making a mess, I was a little nervous but excited too knowing I was almost done .  
Wow, Glad that was done...lol.. Now we have to wait for it to set, so I let mine sit overnight just to be sure it wasn't going to mess it up.
24 hours later I got my soap out of the mold, which really wasn't that hard to do, just loosen the sides and they should pop out just fine. My soap was finished and I was pleased with it, the rustic look was there and the aroma of cinnamon was wonderful. I made a cute label for my soap. Now I can share them with family and friends to test it out.   
I had Fun making this melt and pour soap, I think it's a great way for beginners like myself to get started in the soap making adventure. This truly was easy and you can add so many different scents, botanicals, colorants to make your soap stand out.    
It's all about what you want in a SOAP whether it's making it from scratch with lye in cold press or using melt and pour base, for now I'm comfortable starting here and who knows I might try it from scratch soon, but I think I can play with melt and pour for a bit to see what it can really do.
Making soap is just that easy !
Now go get your Supplies and get excited about creating something new too!

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